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Who We Are

GRAKO is a leading professional cleaning consultancy and services company in the Middle East based in the UAE, specializing in ‘High-level Access’ Cleaning Solutions both internally and externally. Which means that we focus our expertise on hard-to-reach places 2.5m above the ground in internal environments, and comprehensive above-the-ground access solutions for all external cleaning purposes.

GRAKO provides dedicated and certified professionals, trained to the highest global standards. Our technical expertise and precise approach ensures excellence, quality and cost effectiveness at all times to our clients.

GRAKO continues to establish new standards of quality in the ‘High-level Access’ cleaning industry. This has made us the trusted partner to more than 80 clients, including prestigious estates and world renowned projects. GRAKO’s success is down to our investment, experience, knowledge and personalized approach to every client and job we undertake.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide advanced cleaning solutions to help our clients maintain the value, and general image of their assets. Our belief is that our services can prolong the life of these assets. Ultimately, GRAKO will facilitate modern, clean and healthy living communities in which to work and live.

Our Values

Since our inception, GRAKO has been governed by its core values. These values shape the culture and drive our actions as a company and as individuals. Our values guide how we behave and make decisions..

Genuine Passion:
GRAKO is passionate about the role we play within the community.
Cleanliness must be felt, which means genuine care and attention must be taken in everything we do.
A focus on quality and attention to detail helps to instill our belief that clients’ expectations should not only be met, they should be exceeded.
Dedication to every client’s success is at the core of our existence.

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Who We Are

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