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‘High-level Access’ challenges in internal environments are different to external ones, and need special expertise and attention. Again, GRAKO uses a combination of any of the following access techniques that guarantee complete reach and cleanliness of the internal walls, ceiling and fixtures of a property:

  1. BMUs: Building maintenance units include cradles and gantries, used to access most architectural designs of building facades.
  2. Rope Access: Also referred to as the Abseiling technique, used to access external areas when other access techniques are limited or restricted. It is the most effective and safest access solution to use at extreme heights.

    Abseiling techniques can often be the only way of gaining access without causing damage to the surrounding environment. Our rope access team is highly experienced, fully certified and IRATA* trained to tackle all types of structures and buildings internally and externally.
  3. Access Machines: These hydraulic machines elevate cleaning workers to 52 meters above the ground. Ariel platforms, cherry pickers, and boom lifts are examples of machines typically used by us.
  4. Scaffolding Access: This technique includes the use of ladders to access areas of up to 10 meters above the ground.
  5. Water-Fed Pole Access: This technique is used to reach up to 4-stories high(16 meters), very safe and effective to use without the need for any elevation above the ground.
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GRAKO’s cleaning techniques for the most hard-to-get-to places include the following cleaning methods, that take into consideration all types of surfaces, such as delicate surfaces and interior patterns:

  1. Soft Cleaning & Polishing: This is the practice of very light and dedicated cleaning of softer materials and surfaces.
  2. Traditional Applicators & Squeegees: This is the most widely-used method of cleaning windows and is still the best way to clean glass.
  3. Pure Water Pole Cleaning System: This system sends purified water up a large pole. The 100% pure de-ionized water has a unique characteristic to regular water, which absorbs all dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across. Leaving surfaces extremely clean and spot free without damaging the environment.
  4. Deep Cleaning: This method is best suited for cleaning and descaling of tough stains, such as post construction debris, residues, grime or grease.

The above cleaning methods will clean all types of wood, metal, stones, marble, tiles, tents, canopies and glass interior surfaces.

*IRATA certified under Gecko Middle East, Our Rope Access Division

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