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Post Construction Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Cleaning at the end of construction is a massive task that requires professional expertise and extreme attention to detail. For intensive post construction pressure washing & cleaning, partner with the trusted name in infrastructure cleaning in Dubai – Grako L.L.C.

Infrastructure cleaning in Dubai

Grako L.L.C. is an expert cleaning company in Dubai specializing in high-access building maintenance. Established way back in 2004, Grako pioneered rope-access building maintenance services in the region to address the growing need of specialized high-rise building cleaning services.

Our team comprises some of the most experienced and highly qualified IRATA-trained specialists in the region, which make us supremely confident that can take on any task, regardless of complexity or size. Trained in using building maintenance units such as cradles and gantries, as well as performing abseiling techniques to reach hard to access areas, our highly trained personnel can take on any high-access maintenance job with speed and efficiency.

We have serviced some of the most complex and challenging structures in Dubai, including its world-renowned landmark property, the Burj Khalifa.

Tasked with post-construction infrastructure cleaning of its entire 828-meter high façade, our team deployed a special team of IRATA-qualified personnel as well as high pressure washing equipment to get rid of the residue and debris that have collected over the surface of the skyscraper.

Understanding the amount of water pressure needed to successfully remove dirt, residue, and debris stuck in small corners and on other areas of the faced, our team will make sure the exterior of your building is free of blemishes, while ensuring that the surface is not damaged by the pressure washing.

Partner with the top infrastructure cleaning company in Dubai

Get in touch with Grako L.L.C. and give your building the cleaning it deserves. To know more, feel free to call us at +971 4 885 0033 or use our online contact form and send us a query.

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