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GRAKO is a pioneering company that provides highly specialized internal high level access cleaning services for high-rise buildings and infrastructure in Dubai and all of UAE.

Our comprehensive high-level internal access cleaning services benefit a wide range of clients and various industries, including residential complexes, commercial, corporate and industrial buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, hotels, and more.

Our expertise in scaffolding access cleaning allows our customers to minimize risk within their properties while ensuring internal environments such as walls, ceilings, atriums, entrances, fixtures, fittings and delicate patterns are completely cleaned and maintained.

We provide comprehensive internal high level maintenance and installation works that meet global standards for quality & excellence

GRAKO provides IPAF and BMU building cleaning in Dubai following global industry standards and best practices for efficiency, quality and sustainability. In order to provide excellent results for each and every client, we have invested in quality equipment including BMUs, rope access, access machines, scaffolding access and water-fed pole access.

Our personnel are specially trained and fully certified to perform high level cleaning for diverse structures and internal environments, especially areas that are hard to reach or have restricted access. We work within strict timelines while delivering stellar outcomes to our diverse clientele.

Whether you require IPAF cleaning in Dubai for your corporate business center, or you need all-around BMU building cleaning for your string of shopping malls in the country, we at GRAKO have the experience, skills and dedication to provide you with a highly professional service, fast turnaround time and competitive rate.

Engage the expertise of our professional internal high-level cleaners

At GRAKO, we understand the complexities and unique challenges of external and internal environments, which is why we provide specialized services that are designed to specifically tackle these needs and produce outstanding results even within the tightest deadlines.

We adhere to top safe and security policies to ensure not just the safety and well-being of our people, but also to guarantee the surrounding environments of our clients are protected and damage is avoided at all costs.

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